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  China oil industry Howwy Technology Co., Ltd. passed a new "high-tech enterprise certification"¡¾2008-12¡¿
  Dr. Wang Yang accepted the interview of Singapore Business School students¡¾2008-12¡¿
  Dr. Wang Yang accepted the interview of economic section of the Beijing TV¡¾2008-11¡¿
  Dr. Wang Yang accepted the interview of Zhongguancun Science Park newspaper¡¾2008-11¡¿
  Dr. Wang Yang,standed for the oil industry Howwy New Technology Co., Ltd. ,participated and dressed in the meeting which is sponsored by the "quality promotional items" in Beijing Science and Technology University Park¡¾2008-11¡¿
  Dr. Wang Yang accepted the interview of Central People's Radio Voice of the economic section, talking about their own business experience and the company's strengths¡¾2008-10¡¿


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